Help create Canada’s Digital Government conversation

The best minds on government and technology come together this November. Join them.



As we set out to build FWD50, we talked with over 20 key technology industry players. They gave us clear feedback on what they wanted from a digital government conference: Meaningful conversations between the public and private sector about how to deliver better digital services, faster, to all Canadians. They also told us what wasn’t working. We’ve also heard overwhelmingly that in government, there’s one lead—the government—and what matters is accelerating digital adoption from design to delivery.

Armed with this feedback, we’ve crafted a number of ways for supporting organizations to get involved. We’re focused on conversations and content. There’s no expo hall. The emphasis is on concrete discussions, shared learning, and takeaways that can be put to work the second attendees are back at their desks.

If you’d like to join some of the world’s most innovative technology companies in making FWD50 happen, please contact us for a prospectus. We’ll be announcing several partners who are already onboard in the coming weeks.