Stuart Sherman

Stuart Sherman


Stuart Sherman is a race car driver and CEO of IMC, an international Technology Consultancy with offices in the UK, Canada and China. Since 1994 Stuart has used his background in Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, and Behavioural Economics to lead a team of, Social Scientists, Psychologists, Cognitive Neuroscientists, Marketers and Interface Designers to work with some of the world’s largest organisations, like PayPal, Microsoft, NATO, Shell, CIBC, BMO, RBC, RioCan, Rogers Communications, AirMiles, and more, helping them re-imagine the way they use technology to improve their business processes in order to drive revenue. Stuart also has interests in several companies in the Financial Services, Automotive, and Technology space. He is a Licenced Car Dealer, a member of the Canadian Finance and Lease Association’s Fleet Leasing Committee, and a member of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council’s Disciplinary Committee, helping to shape the standards that govern the Motor Vehicle Industry in Canada.

Great debate: Government can’t innovate

Breakout stage 1

Change is hard. Many claim that when it comes to government, it’s downright impossible: More restrictions, fewer resources, and greater demands. But there are plenty of examples of government innovation to point to around the world. In this no-holds-barred Oxford-style debate, two teams take opposing sides to debate the statement: “Government can’t innovate.” It’s a […]

50 months: Government as platform