Samiya Abdi

Samiya Abdi

Health Promotion Consultant, Public Health Ontario

Samiya Abdi currently holds the position of a Health Promotion Consultant in Program Planning and Evaluation. She is also a Health Equity Specialist. Samiya has over 13 years of experience in program development, management, implementation and evaluation working within the non-profit, corporate and government sectors.
Within the past few years, Samiya has delivered large scale, complex projects involving internal and external teams across Canada with budgets of over $8M.

Samiya is a mother, teacher, community advocate, Youth councillor, avid public speaker and a change agent.

She is passionate about creating safe nonjudgmental spaces that foster growth, allow for failure and transformational learning. Samiya’s volunteerism and community engagement roles span from leading international relief efforts to co-founding gender equity global movements, to co-organizing one of the largest Islamic conferences in North America to founding local youth networking and career development projects.

Through her community work Samiya engages in critical thinking and reflexivity to build equitable and collaborative working relationships that promote empowerment and self-determination.

Samiya holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Graduate diploma in Social Innovation and Systems Thinking from the University of Waterloo. Most recently she completed a Social Intrapreneur Fellowship.