Khadija Cajee

Khadija Cajee

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Khadija Cajee an entrepreneur, a mother, an advisor and an educator who lives in Markham, Ontario.

Having grown up in apartheid South Africa, she has a keen interest in issues related to social justice, human rights and civil rights. She is happy to be called upon to advocate for change on behalf of meaningful causes.

Khadija has an innate ability to understand who people really are and what drives them and she is immensely grateful for being surrounded by amazing and inspiring people throughout the years.

If there is a box, you will not find her in it.

The human impact of slow delivery

Main stage

When we don’t create platforms that can change fast, real humans suffer. This panel session offers concrete examples of the injustices and absurdities that occur when digital transformation can’t keep pace with the modern world, putting a human face on many of today’s most pressing problems.

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