James Stewart

James Stewart

Independent technology consultant, former Deputy CTO, UK Government

James Stewart is an independent consultant helping organizations adapt to the internet, with a particular focus on technology strategy and security.

James was a co-founder of the UK Government Digital Service and Deputy CTO of the UK Government. He was responsible for the technical architecture of the award winning GOV.UK, transforming the UK Government’s relationship with open source and public cloud, bringing hundreds of technologists into government, and supporting the formation of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Cyber-security and citizen resilience

Breakout stage 1

The more we live online, the more vulnerable we are to asymmetric attacks and bad actors. Where once physical limitations kept us safe, the digital nature of the Internet lets attackers scale, adapt, and hide. What’s needed is more than awareness or vigilance—it’s anti0fragility. Resilience is the best defense a country can deploy, as this […]

50 months: Government as platform

Moving to Digital Government

Main stage

If code is law, then government is a computer. As a result, there are few industries more likely to be fundamentally disrupted by the digital revolution than government. In this all-day workshop, FWD50 founder and Harvard Lecturer Alistair Croll and New Zealand’s Government Service Integration Lead Pia Waugh lead a packed lineup of experts considering […]