Hillary Hartley

Hillary Hartley

Deputy Minister Responsible for Digital Government Chief Digital Officer, Government of Ontario

Hillary was appointed Chief Digital Officer for the province of Ontario on April 17, 2017. As the Deputy Minister for Digital Government, Hillary leads the Ontario Digital Service, a team of designers, developers, and product specialists tasked with making government digital services easy to use for the people of Ontario.

Previously, Hillary was the Deputy Executive Director of 18F, the U.S. government’s digital office, and a former Presidential Innovation Fellow. She has also served as the Director of Integrated Marketing at NIC Inc., an organization which helps state and local governments embrace new internet-based technologies and approaches necessary for government modernization.

Hillary has extensive expertise in technology, digital strategy, design thinking, and public engagement. As Ontario’s Chief Digital Officer, she will partner with government ministries in delivering major digital projects. Hillary will also help accelerate transformation across government by setting new service standards for digital products, attracting and empowering digital talent and aligning partners around delivering the best possible customer experience.

Lightning Talk with Hillary Hartley

Main stage

Digital leader Hilllary Hartley looks at the history of 18F and the digital government movement, and what other countries can learn from the experience.


Deep dive with Hillary Hartley

Breakout stage 1

Building on her morning keynote, Hillary offers candid insight into the successes—and pitfalls—of building a national digital government initiative.

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