Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters

Enterprise Agility Coach and Co-founder, Westboro Systems

Glenn is a seasoned Technology Executive with over 25 years of expertise in all aspects of the software industry. Glenn has served in developer-coach roles helping to transform large corporations and government organizations to agile methodologies. He has successfully worked with Agile at all levels of an organization from working on teams delivering business software up to introducing Agile methodology to the CIO/CTO offices. Glenn is a co-founder of the Agile Ottawa group. His training has received praise from organizations around the world. When not helping clients, Glenn can often be found in the kitchen planning and preparing gourmet meals.

Becoming Agile & turning “how” into “why”

Breakout stage 1

When IT was precious and expensive, we designed things through detailed specifications, and took years to build and deploy them. This paradigm won’t stand; Waterfall methodologies and multi-year delivery lead to overbuilt services and products that are obsolete the day they’re launched. Startups today rely on incremental change, agile development, Lean Startup approaches, and more. […]