David Eaves

David Eaves

Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

A public policy entrepreneur, and expert in information technology, innovation and government, David Eaves serves as a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Belfer Center, at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
David Eaves has sought to help numerous governments use technology more effectively. David served as the first Director of Education for Code for America – training each cohort of fellows for their work with cities. David has also provided training and support to 18F and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program at the White House.
In 2009, as an adviser to the Office of the Mayor of Vancouver, David proposed and helped draft the Open Motion, which created one of the first municipal open data portals in the world. His subsequent parliamentary committee testimony laid out the core policy structure that has guided the federal government’s approach to the issue. He has also advised numerous local, state and national governments on technology and policy issues, including sitting on Ontario’s Open Government Engagement Team in 2014-2015, Canadian Government’s Open Government Advisory Panel and
the City of Vancouver’s Digital Strategy External Advisory Group.
In addition to his work with government, David has advised and worked with organizations such as Greenpeace, Mozilla and the City of Mexico providing negotiation and strategy advice.
A graduate of Queen’s and Oxford University, David is a native of Vancouver, BC and currently resides with his family in Cambridge, MA.

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