Daniel J. Murphy

Daniel J. Murphy

Consultant, AdaptiveOrg Inc.

Dan Murphy is a partner in AdaptiveOrg Inc. He has been engaged in a number of IT service development initiatives over the years related to the transformation of large complex organizations leveraging Agile / Lean methods. Particularly, he has been engaged in Public Sector at Public Works and Shared Services Canada where he developed national services that delivered clear and measurable business value. Passionate about project success and the application of Agile methods across the enterprise including HR, Supply Management, Finance as well as IT.

He began his career at IBM, and later moved to Cisco Systems, where, in the late 1990’s he led the development of the “Shared Services” concept and pushed it into existence at the political level within the Federal Government.

He was an early leader in the applications Agile methods and principles for to non-software development projects. He has led multiple initiatives within the Federal Government to develop competitive IT services, including the development of a Government Metro Area Network and the development of a National Telepresence Service. He is a leader in the use of Agile / Lean methods for the development and implementation of measurable IT infrastructure, and application services.

Becoming Agile & turning “how” into “why”

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When IT was precious and expensive, we designed things through detailed specifications, and took years to build and deploy them. This paradigm won’t stand; Waterfall methodologies and multi-year delivery lead to overbuilt services and products that are obsolete the day they’re launched. Startups today rely on incremental change, agile development, Lean Startup approaches, and more. […]