Constanze Ro, M.Eng

Constanze Ro, M.Eng

Senior Packaging Specialist, Taste of Nature Inc.

Constanze Ro is a Packaging Engineer originating from Berlin, Germany, specializing in complex packaging and developing projects for over 12 years. She moved to Canada almost 3 years ago and was challenged to her first forced vacation due to Canadian work visa bureaucracy. Currently a working Canadian permanent resident, she now calls Toronto home. She loves traveling, people, marathons, Haribo and inspecting intricate containers. Her favourite hobby is exploring cultures which has landed her in 21 countries, over 100 cities and still counting. Constanze’s knowledge of languages include German, English, Latin and ASL.

The human impact of slow delivery

Main stage

When we don’t create platforms that can change fast, real humans suffer. This panel session offers concrete examples of the injustices and absurdities that occur when digital transformation can’t keep pace with the modern world, putting a human face on many of today’s most pressing problems.

50 days: Culture & process