Becoming Agile & turning “how” into “why”

Breakout stage 1

When IT was precious and expensive, we designed things through detailed specifications, and took years to build and deploy them. This paradigm won’t stand; Waterfall methodologies and multi-year delivery lead to overbuilt services and products that are obsolete the day they’re launched. Startups today rely on incremental change, agile development, Lean Startup approaches, and more. But how can we apply these lessons to government services constrained by regulation and averse to risk? Daniel Murphy and Lawrence Cooper (AdaptiveOrg Inc.) lead a half-day workshop, urging government technologists to stop asking “how” they can build a thing, and to spend more time defining “why.” As Ash Maurya says, “love the problem, not your solution”—and after attending this workshop, you’ll be armed with the skills and context to deliver services that meet user needs better, faster, and more affordably.