Moving from Technologist to a Digital Enabler: Daring, Dreaming, Doing

Breakout stage 1

Facilitated by Ryan Androsoff, an international expert on digital government and a passionate advocate for the increased and effective use of social media, collaborative technologies, and open data in the public sector, our panel will showcase Digital Leaders from public and private sectors, academia and the privacy domain who will come together to share what’s on their Digital Horizon and how they are preparing to lead; whether it be through developing the necessary skills within their teams, by empowering their people, or by implementing concrete initiatives.

Following Q&A time with the audience, a foresight and knowledge organization within the federal public service, will share their fwd 50 months digital projections and facilitate breakout sessions with delegates towards identifying digital opportunities in a rapidly changing and complex world.

Delegates will walk away with a new lens focused on identifying digital breakthrough opportunities and identifying what concrete actions could be taken to move us along that path to being digital enablers.