What is FWD50

FWD50 is a groundbreaking new government technology event. It’s a three-day conversation on digital government transformation held in Canada’s capital city, bringing together citizens, the public service, elected officials, technologists, and innovative thinkers from around the world.

We’ve organized the event around three distinct timeframes:

What policies, processes, and cultural changes can we launch in fifty days?
What platforms can we create and have others build atop in fifty months?
What kind of society can we aspire to in fifty years?

One Liner

FWD50 is Canada’s digital government conference, happening Nov. 1-3, 2017 in Ottawa

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This November, @fwd50conf brings a global conversation on digital government to Canada’s capital

Canada’s defining digital government technology event happens November 1-3 in Ottawa. Register now for @fwd50conf

Technology should make society better for all Canadians. @fwd50conf is about making that happen. Nov 1-3 in Ottawa

What can we change in 50 days? Build in 50 months? Aspire to in 50 years? Let’s find out together. Nov 1-3 @fwd50conf

Canada’s groundbreaking gov-tech event, Nov 1-3 in the nation’s capital city. Register now for @fwd50conf

Speaker Highlights

Alex Benay, CIO, Government of Canada
Robyn Scott, Co-Founder & CEO, Apolitical
Hillary Hartley, Deputy Minister Responsible for Digital Government Chief Digital Officer, Government of Ontario
Harper Reed, Entrepreneur In Residence, Next Gen Commerce, PayPal

Downloadable Logo

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