Inclusive Artificial Intelligence – At the Edge

Breakout stage 2

Whether seen as an opportunity or threat, experts agree that machine intelligence is inevitable. Once the domain of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating our everyday lives. Like many disruptive technologies, AI can have important implications for how we live. It also can have unintended negative consequences, particularly for people at the “edge” of mainstream often referred to as “Outliers.” These include people with disabilities, women and other minorities.

AI automates the routine and the repetitive; it is touted for accomplishing tasks more efficiently and intelligently. Intelligent machines are making a host of important decisions, from predicting loan and credit worthiness, academic potential, terrorist intent, to future employment performance. While machine intelligence has been described as objective and accurate, machine learning models and algorithms depend upon data analytics. Data analytics, in the way that it is culled to make inferences, is often biased toward dominant patterns that can discriminate against Outliers.

We must train our machines to be inclusive. Intelligence that understands diversity and stretches to encompass the Outliers is better at predicting risk and opportunity, more capable of processing the unexpected, more adaptable, and more dynamically resilient. In sum, Inclusive AI stretches the boundaries of dominant patterns of “just average” to the realms where innovation and new ideas occur to the greater benefit of organizations, performance and society as a whole.

This talk is about how “Inclusive AI” ensures diversity in transformation that does not leave Outliers behind, which also promotes innovative high-performance teams. This talk will appeal to anyone who is interested in learning how to shape the disruption and transformation promised by AI to meaningfully deliver results and benefit society. Only an interest in AI is necessary. However, those having responsibility for recruitment, performance evaluation, results delivery, or systems may find this session particularly relevant. The talk will be structured as a “fireside chat” interview with a world-class Canadian expert in the field to help contextualize Inclusive AI into pragmatic takeaways that can be applied in any federal unit or organization that aspires to be more than “just average”.

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